A frequent problem are clogged drains while owning a home. So it is very easy and tempting to run out and pick up some store bought liquid drain cleaner from the local store. This solution helps satisfy our desire to have things solved instantly such as warming things up in a microwave, but this type of solution regarding liquid drain cleaner shouldn’t be considered as the best quality solution.

In an article by Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, they go further in explaining why homeowners need to think more about purchasing liquid drain cleaners:

Think Twice Before Using Liquid Drain Cleaners

When you discover a drain that is slow or clogged, calling a plumber might not be your first reaction. After all, using a bottle of commercial liquid drain cleaner is cheaper and requires minimal effort, so why call for professional help?

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As you can see from the above article, we should try other methods before throwing various chemicals down the drain which may negatively affect the pipes, people, and/or the environment. Now in the next article, Brooks Plumbing Company describes more on how store-bought drain cleaners present more terrible side effects:


When your sink or bathtub has a clog, what’s your first instinct? If you are like the average homeowner, it’s likely to go get some store-bought chemical cleaner to use as a tool to eliminate the blockage. Products such as this are extremely popular, and correctly advertised as a “quick and inexpensive” way to relieve your clogged sink, shower, or bathtub.


Even more evidence that Liquid Drain Cleaners aren’t always the answer while also being a big problem with the environment… one can just look at the following YouTube video. A Drano challenge fail.

Drano Challenge – Will it unclog?


So before you go out to the store to get a quick fix for your clogged drain, be sure to use methods such as a plunger, baking soda and vinegar, or simply calling your local pluming experts.