Are you aware of the looming threat of roots to your underground pipes? Especially roots from large trees in your yard around the house. These roots slowly but surely creep into your sewer pipes and get a steady stream of nourishment of fertilizer and water.

As previously seen in an article by Len The Plumber, you can see how to hault tree roots from corrupting your sewer line.

Sewer lines are filled with water and nutrients that trees would love to get their grubby little roots on — especially when there’s a leak. When a root finds its way inside one of your sewer lines, you better hope that you or a plumber notices the warning signs before enough damage is done! Before your pockets are emptied of your hard earned money, learn how you can stop tree roots from reaching the sewer lines

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Brooks Plumbing Company Blog also supports this and shows some ways how tree roots really damage pipe systems and how to take steps to prevent it.

There are many reasons that your plumbing system’s sewer line is buried beneath your yard. First off, it’s more attractive this way! But it’s also for safety and functionality purposes. Unfortunately, this means that not only is it out of sight—and thus hard to spot problems right away—it is susceptible to issues such as tree roots searching for a water source.

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In case you missed it, tree roots can be a major plumbing problem. As plumbers we can use augers to attempt to remove them and also use high-powered blasts of water to clean them off. However, it is always best to prevent the roots by planning to put your trees away from your pipes. We can help you discover where your pipes are. Contact us today as we provide many services. click here