Plumbing in a mobile home can be pretty different compared to plumbing in a regular single-family home. In many places, plumbers will not work on mobile homes since the plumbing is so weird. Mobile homes aren’t high on the project list for plumbers to work on. Some plumbers don’t prefer to operate on the fresh plastic waterlines. Others don’t like the point that items such as faucets and drains aren’t standard issue. Another reason may be plain laziness – it is just too much work to crawl beneath a house to get to a waterline.

Under a mobile home looking at plumbing

Mobile home plumbing typically exists under the home adjacent to the heat vent ducts. Running the main water line into the mobile home and then putting all of the plumbing inside the home should be an option. Doing this will make it easier to discover and fix water leaks. This prevents frozen water lines during the winter. Additionally, if we want to add to the plumbing it will be easier to do.

Sometimes in a mobile home, you don’t know you have a water leak until you get the high water bill or until it’s too late. Finding the leak involves crawling under the mobile home and tearing out the material or insulation until you discover the leak.

If you’re having trouble finding someone to work on your plumbing and you don’t want to attempt it yourself, try contacting a mobile home repair company instead of a plumber.