Following a tornado impact in your area, there are several things that may break down in your house. Most people may concentrate on holes, roofing problems and broken glass; however, your plumbing system could also be at risk. If you are not familiar with the methods a tornado can trigger plumbing issues in your home, take a look at the items below.

House hit by a tornado

Examine for functionality

When you have concluded that your home is fundamentally firm and you are prepared to test your plumbing, the first step is to make sure that everything’s working as designed. Walk throughout your home and cut on all the faucets, ensure that you can get water to flow through faucets and showerheads, and flush all the toilets.

As you evaluate each fixture, pay attention to how the water acts. Is the toilet draining slowly? Is the water pressure lower after the tornado? Do some of the water pipes make sounds when providing water to a specific room? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, it would be in your best interest to call a plumber to execute a more detailed test of your pipes.


Review plumbing equipment

The next task is to review any gear that is a piece of your plumbing system. This may involve pumps, water heaters, conditioning systems and any device linked to the plumbing.

The purpose all through this segment of the inspection has two parts. Your first item to look out for… is whether or not the tornado triggered a leak in any of the linked water pipes. After you have seen that there aren’t noticeable leaks, you need to ensure the gear itself is not cracked, bent or somehow damaged. As inspecting appliances go – Appliances like washers and dishwasher, running a test load to make sure that water flows and exits out of drains as designed.